What to know what Gold Coast, Las Vegas and Miami have in common? To begin with, both the Gold Coast and Miami are renowned as warm and relaxing holiday destinations where English is spoken as the main language (albeit, with decidedly different accents!). Each of the cities is also home to grand casinos attracting visitors from around the world.

Yet, delve further, and despite a southern suburb of the Gold Coast actually being named Miami, one could fairly come to the conclusion that these regions have little in common nowadays.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Similarities in the style and form of the Gold Coast and Miami become evident on examination of the architecture and signage along the Coast, particularly the typography on some of the older signage preserved around the city.

This resemblance became the main theme behind  the Golden Sans Project, which aimed to identify and capture images of places and objects on the Gold Coast retaining that aura of nostalgia. The project garnered so much attention that it was featured in 2014 as part of the famous Bleach’s Festival, held annually in various locations across the Coast.

From somewhat similar foundations, the three cities evolved in distinct ways, so that nowadays, the similarities between each region are limited.

The Gold Coast has grown into a modern city that has remained proud of its beach culture and rich in all aspects of community life, while exuding sophistication, elegance and style. These are what Gold Coast, Las Vegas and Miami have in common.

Yet what ties these places together is that each remains forefront in the imagination of worldwide tourists and travellers as year-round destinations, ideal to visit in any season.

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Whether you are an avid adventurer, yearning for a quiet family break, or looking to experience a new city with a loved one, rest assured that Gold Coast hospitality is second to none.

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