Wet and Wild Gold Coast is one of the best water theme parks in Australia. This is probably one of the most favourite theme parks out of the three Village Roadshow theme parks on the Gold Coast. It features the world’s latest water slides, leisure pools and other attractions, and it is located adjacent to Warner Brothers Movie World. Here are Holiday Holiday’s 10 must do Wet and Wild Gold Coast rides and slides, and # 5 may not just be what you expected.

Thrill Slides & Rides

1. Tornado – tube water slide

Take the Tornado and get in a four person clover-leaf tube and blast down a 40 metre long tunnel with speeds of up to 40km/h. Begin your journey from a 15 metre high platform, at this height and speed, Tornado is only for the brave!

2. Surfrider – ride

Jump on board one of the biggest waves in the world and surf your way to heart pounding action. You’ll be strapped onto a giant surfboard with your fellow surfers, gliding up and down a giant 30 metre wave while spinning round and round. Experience 60 heart pumping seconds thrills with speeds of up to 70 km/h and be ready for 360 degree turns. This ride is certainly NOT for the faint hearted.

3. Constrictor – raft ride

Are you ready to take on the tightest and meanest turns in the world and hit speeds of up to 30km/h? Survive the triple 360 degree coils of the massive snake and splash down into the turbulent waters below. Get ready to slip and slide your way into the belly of the snake!

4. AquaLoop – body water slide

For gut wrenching, adrenaline pumping, gravity defying action, take the AquaLoops. You will enter the trap door before being released down a giant 40 foot heart stopping free fall drop, and up into a full looping slide at insane speeds of up to 60 km/h.

5. Blackhole – tube water slide

Take on the thrilling Blackhole at the Extreme H20 Zones as you are sent into an adrenaline pumping pitch black spiral of darkness at speeds of up to 40km/h. Pitch black, and we mean pitch black spirals. If you are scared of the dark, perhaps this ride is NOT FOR YOU!

6. Kamikaze – sidewinder

Don’t let go as you get ready to plunge down a near vertical 11 metre drop at a steep 70 degree angle, and reach speeds of up to 50 km/h! This giant U-shaped slide will have you clinging onto your two-person tube for dear life as you fly in forward and reverse motions.

7. Sidewinders – tube water slide

Sidewinders are the two longest slides at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast spanning across 160 metres. Can you handle sliding through 160 metres of twists and turns in open air flumes?

Family Slides

Get ready for some family fun with the three follwoing family slides:

8. Super 8 Aqua Racer – 8 lane racer

Challenge your friends and family to a ride on the Super 8 Aqua Racer as you plunge head first down the 86 metre long slides. Reach speeds of up to 40 km/h on one of the most advanced racing slides in the world. With the help of sensors at the finish line, each slider receives their placing to an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second. Who is going to be the winner?

9. Mammoth Falls – raft ride

Share an awesome white-water rafting experience on Mammoth Falls with the whole family. Wind around the raging rapids in mammoth four-person tubes on this 4.5 metre wide, 250 metre long slide, as you twist and turn all the way to the bottom.

10. River Rapids – body water slide

Most definitely a family favourite at Wet’n’Wild. Climb to the top of White Water Mountain to find the entrance to the two open and two closed slides. Choose the slide that you like and race down the rapids. These slides wind their way over 150 metres to the splashdown zone. Catch your child in the splashdown zone and don’t let go!


How about if we just chill if rides and slides are not your thing? Check out the various low and moderate thrill level precincts:

Giant wave pool

Cool off and splash about in the crystal clear waters of the Giant Wave Pool and enjoy the intermittent cycle of the gentle waves. Immerse yourself in 3 million litres of water and relax in the shallows as you wait for the waves to roll in.

Wet’n’Wild Junior

Mini slides for the mini-me’s. Wet’n’Wild Junior features kid-friendly water slides including miniature versions of the larger thrill slides like Tornado and the Aqua Racers. Wet’n’Wild Junior also includes a fun multi-level interactive play structure which features a giant tipping bucket.

Calypso Beach

Laze back in a tube and gently meander down a slow flowing, crystal blue, tropical island river, drifting through sub-tropical gardens, the remains of a pirate castle and a Caribbean Shanty town.

Whirlpool Springs.

Cool off in the hot summer sun and warm up in the cooler winter months. Relax in one of the huge hot tubs in winter and unwind in the calming cold waters of the summer springs – the perfect place to chill out after a day of adrenaline-pumping action.

Operating Hours

Wet and Wild Gold Coast rides are open every day of the year except Anzac Day and Christmas Day, between 10am to 5pm.

How to Get to Wet and Wild Gold Coast

Wet ‘n Wild is located on Pacific Motorway, Oxenford.

How Much Are The Passes?

Locals Village Road Show One Pass

Get a 12 months unlimited entry to Warner Brothers’ Movie World, Sea World, Wet ‘n Wild Gold Coast and Paradise Country. Normally $199 but for locals flash your ID and get the locals pass for $139 per person.

Village Road Show One Pass

Also a  12 months unlimited entry to Warner Brothers’ Movie World, Sea World, Wet ‘n Wild Gold Coast and Paradise Country and can be purchased for $199 per person for a full year of fun. Also included is 1 entry to White Christmas at Movie World and Carnivale at Sea World.

It is a theme park not only for family and kids but for everyone. With heated pool and slides during winter, visitors can enjoy summer all year round!

3 Day Pass

Purchase 3 consecutive days entry to Warner Brothers’ Movie World, Sea World, Wet ‘n Wild Gold Coast in any order for $119 per person.

Village Road Show Super Pass

Village Road Show Super Pass is for use for 7 consecutive days to Warner Brothers’ Movie World, Sea World, Wet ‘n Wild Gold Coast at $149 per person.

Single Day Pass

Single day pass is available for entry to Wet ‘n Wild Gold Coast for $74 per person.

Tips to Buying Tickets

Tickets are $10 more expensive at the gates so buy the theme park tickets online above in advance to save.

How to Get To Wet ‘n Wild?

Public Transport

Take the G Link tram to Helensvale station, then catch bus route TX7 direct to Wet ‘n Wild.

Taxi or Share Ride

Catch a taxi or share ride and ask to be taken to Wet ‘n Wild at Oxenford.

Self Drive

There are plenty of parking at Wet ‘n Wild so make sure you head out early to get the best spots closest to the entrance.

Where to Stay? Accommodation Near Wet ‘n Wild

The best place to stay to experience Wet and Wild Gold Coast rides is with Holiday Holiday at our Gold Coast holiday rental apartments in Surfers Paradise. All Holiday Holiday apartments are located within 5 minutes walk to the Cavill Avenue G Link tram station. For guests who wish to self drive, all Holiday Holiday Gold Coast holiday apartment bookings come complimentary with a car parking space and it takes approximately 20 minutes to drive to Wet ‘n Wild. For the best accommodation near Wet ‘n Wild, try the family friendly Gold Coast holiday apartments in Chevron Renaissance towers.