We all know that travelling is amazing, but it can also be stressful and straining to our health when we’re constantly on the go. Here are our top travel tips to staying healthy while travelling to the Gold Coast.

Drink lots of water
With all the adventuring, sunbaking and alcohol drinking, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. But hydration is key to helping your body function optimally and staying healthy while travelling. If you get in the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle around, you are more likely to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Keep a small bottle of hand sanitiser on you
Keeping a small bottle of hand sanitiser handy is highly effective in preventing the spread of bacteria and can be used before and after meals – as well as disinfecting seats on planes and public transport!

Pace yourself
Don’t try to see the entire Gold Coast all in one day. If you plan to do a lot, consider staying longer to slow down your pace and spread your itinerary. You’ll also get to know the area more instead of just being able to say that you’ve “been there”. Take plenty of breaks in between to stop, relax and enjoy yourself.

Make your own meals
It’s not a great holiday without delicious foods and treats, but where possible, aim to reduce eating processed foods. When staying in one of Holiday Holiday’s self-contained apartment, aim to eat at least one meal in per day. This is good for the bank account as well as balancing out your overall nutrition and staying healthy while travelling.

Stay active
Keeping active is important not only for your body, but for your immune system too. If the sun is shining, get out there and explore! From hiking or biking to stand up paddle boarding, there are loads of activities to keep you moving on the Gold Coast and staying healthy while travelling.

Smart sleeping habits
Your body needs adequate rest when you’re traveling, crossing time zones, carrying luggage to and from destinations, walking all day, etc. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep so you’re rested and ready to take on the next day! Our apartments at H Residences above Hilton Surfers Paradise are perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Holiday Holiday offers fully self-contained apartments in the heart of Surfers Paradise. All apartments have living, dining and kitchen facilities and boast heating – which makes for the perfect cosy escape this winter! With many discounts and special offers on at the moment, it’s the perfect time to visit Surfers Paradise.