Admittedly, it’s not really the exciting deep-sea fishing that floats my boat, it’s more the lazy Sunday afternoon kind of fishing that soothes my soul. And while I definitely prefer the catch-and-release style of fishing — I’d rather eat fresh fish at a local restaurant than bring a recently-deceased trevally or bream back to my Gold Coast accommodation — there’s lots of potential for anglers who love to eat what they catch, too. From red snapper, mulloway, and pearl perch out around the ocean reefs, to bream and barramundi in the canals and rivers in and around the city, both amateur and seasoned anglers alike are spoilt for choice when they choose the Gold Coast as their fishing spot.

Of course, spending a few hours or a day fishing has plenty of benefits, no matter what your objective. Whether you want to sit back and relax, or fight and win against a mature snapper, the act of fishing has a zen-like quality that clears the mind wonderfully. And when you’re on the Gold Coast, you’re never short of a stellar view. High-rise Surfers Paradise apartments shining in the sun make a pretty backdrop that reminds me of Italian towns such as Manarola and Portofino — a completely different kind of place in comparison to those ancient cliff-side villages, but Surfers Paradise definitely has its own kind of sparkle. And there’s nothing in the world like fishing off the beach or the river as the sun goes down on a warm evening — whether you’ve caught anything or not, it’s a satisfying end to the day.

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Accommodation

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