Gold Coast Sub-Penthouse and Skyhome Holiday Rental apartments

When you’re staying in a coastal haven like the Gold Coast—surrounded by some of the most gorgeous sights you’ll see anywhere—the higher you climb, the better the view is. That’s why, when you’re hunting for Gold Coast holiday rentals, it makes sense to go straight to the top. The top of the hotel, that is. Gorgeous vistas as far as the eye can see, not to mention luxurious Gold Coast accommodation, await you in these gorgeous Holiday Holiday retreats.

Sleek and Modern at Circle on Cavill

For a fabulous take on the monochromatic look, the level 43 sub-penthouse at Circle on Cavill is a great choice. Black, white, and red decor mesh with sleek soft furnishings, and the airy spaciousness creates a smooth transition to the outdoor living areas. Spectacular city and ocean views complete this Surfers Paradise apartment to perfection. Three roomy bedrooms, two bathrooms, and well-equipped kitchen and dining area make this an ideal holiday retreat for a family or group of friends.

In the same building, the level 50 sub-penthouse apartment offers another take on the low-key monochromatic style of decor. This time it’s calming greys and rich browns, brightened with occasional pops of mustard yellow. A beautifully earthy colour palette that pleases the eye without detracting from the riot of colour that defines the city views below. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus several living and entertainment spaces, make this perfect for large groups or families.

Level 58 at Circle on Cavill is a sub-penthouse with a starkly modern feel. Decorated almost entirely in pure shades of white and silver with a few subtle hints of colour, the look is both restful and energising. And, of course, there’s plenty of room for good-sized family and friend groups, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and spacious living, cooking, and dining areas.
Have a look at some of Holiday Holiday high floor options for Surfers Paradise apartments:
Circle on Cavill 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms apartment, Level 50 Sub Penthouse – See Apartment »

Holiday Holiday Skyhomes

When you want holiday accommodation that offers plenty of comfort and luxury, but retains a more homey feel, a skyhome is an ideal choice. Holiday Holiday skyhomes at Circle on Caville, Soul Apartments, and Orchid Tower Apartments, fit the bill perfectly. With the stylish furnishings and incredible views that all Holiday Holiday luxury accommodation is known for—along with the comfortable style of decoration—make these skyhomes ideal when what you want is a home away from home.