Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic helps save lives. If you are travelling to the Gold Coast for purposes permitted by Queensland Health directions, you may need to quarantine for 14 days. Here are Holiday Holiday’s seven top tips for staying in during quarantine at our accommodation options. Do not miss out on #6.

#1: Make use of free wifi

All Holiday Holiday accommodation offers complimentary unlimited wifi during the quarantine period. Enjoy high speed and unlimited wifi and catch up with your favourite Netflix and movie streaming with Holiday Holiday’s free wifi.

#2: Free movie streaming (limited time only)

Holiday Holiday apartments in Circle on Cavill and Chevron Renaissance enjoy free movie streaming with Freedom movies. Catch the recent movie releases and enjoy a library of non stop movies and classics with Freedom during your stay.

#3: Take up cooking and baking

All Holiday Holiday apartments are self contained apartments that comes complete with fully equipped kitchen. Bake a cake with the family or try out that special family recipe now when you’re at the apartment. Holiday Holiday staff can help with grocery shopping and delivery so please let us know if you need flour, sugar and eggs for that amazing cake that you are going to bake.

#4: Read

What better time than now to catch up on that reading list. Download some bestsellers onto your Kindle or iPad and start reading now. We can also help with collecting delivery of books that you order online when you’re staying with us so we can drop these off to you outside your door during your stay.

#5: Exercise

Whilst you cannot leave your apartment during quarantine, it does not mean you cannot exercise. Take up some Zoom classes online and if you need it, we can help with purchasing and delivering a yoga mat for you during your stay.

#6: Write

This is the time to put pen to paper or type on your laptop some tips and suggestions in an expert field in your life. Thinking of writing an autobiography? This is the best time to do it. Want to share your life experiences as a parent, as a young person, etc? Why not start a blog and share?

#7: Learn and teach

Last but not least, especially if you have children, this is the best time to spend time learning and teaching them. Anyone can do this. Create simple games that challenge the young minds or simply let us know if we can help with delivering some board games for the family.

Staying in during the coronavirus pandemic need not be a drag or unproductive. These tips for staying in during quarantine with Holiday Holiday are easy to follow and share with the family. Check out Holiday Holiday’s special promotion for healthcare accommodation with Project Wecare.