With the forecast for rainy days ahead on the Gold Coast, we ask what are the activities to keep the young ones entertained? Here is a take on what we think is the best rainy day activity with kids on the Gold Coast.

#1: Resort indoor pools

Seb and Sam are 6 and 3 respectively. They have just had their naps and these two balls of energy are up and their internal motors immediately started running at full charge. It has been drizzling all day. We have had our morning swim for a couple of hours in the heated indoor swimming pool of Chevron Renaissance apartments.

#2: Movie night

We could either curl up in front of the TV for a lovely movie but I am not a big fan of the children being in a hypnotised zombie state in front of the TV. Most apartments with Holiday Holiday comes with extra large TVs in the living room and some in the bedrooms so you can have a cosy movie night withe family.

Normally, we would head out to Putt Putt in Mermaid Beach but with the rain, we needed to find another avenue to keep the children dry and entertained. We needed a rainy day activity for kids, pronto!

#3: Timezone Surfers Paradise

We opted for a night out in Timezone within walking distance from our holiday unit in Chevron Renaissance in Surfers Paradise. Mum would get a bit of quiet time in the bath while dad would take on the task of keeping the boys entertained tonight.

We loved the energy in Timezone! Lights, noise, shrieks of delight, kids running around, their imagination running wild with dinosaur machines, Transformers fighting teams, and more. We opted for the 60 minutes play for $28 each.

  • All you can play Yellow Card Readers (standard games)
  • All you can play Red Card Readers (standard games)
  • 2 x Purple Card Readers (prize games)
  • 1 x Feature Game (Typhoon, Mini Rider, Let’s Go Jungle, Virtual Rabbids)
  • 300 pre loaded power tickets

The cost came to $56 for 2 children for an hour of unlimited excitement and fun, not bad for a rainy day activity with kids. Each child received a Timezone card, which they swiped on a colour coded card reader on every machine.

As soon as they received their cards, the boys ran amok swiping different machines and playing different games.

Despite the many different machines for the boys to play with, they would always end up at the bowling alleys. There are two different bowling sections for children. The complimentary session of bowling is slightly larger and with heavier balls. The smaller bowling section carries the lighter balls and bowling pins connected with strings. This section is red colour coded.

We managed to collect a lot of electronic tickets which we could exchange for some toys but we decided to retain the tickets since we planned to return for another session. With more tickets, we could get a wider selection of toys to choose from.

All in all, for $28 each child we managed to get an hour of unlimited fun and with a small toy or gift at the end of the day to remember our time at Timezone – $56 well spent, and probably the best rainy day activity with kids.

#4: Infinity Attraction

We walked past Infinity Attraction in Surfers Paradise and promised the kids we could do this the next day.

As we walked back to our Gold Coast holiday accommodation at Chevron Renaissance, we picked up an ice cream to share to cap off our rainy day activity with kids. I hoped these would be the memories the children recall and cherish when they grow up.