The annual very popular Fright Nights Movie World is cancelled for this year 2020 due to current COVID-19 restrictions. The after dark events with physical distancing is impossible to achieve whilst delivering its world class mazes and scare precincts. Fright Nights requires months of preparation and planning and due to Movie World’s closure, its teams were not able to continue work on the event. Based on the current COVID-19 Government restrictions and capacity constraints, Movie World cannot run the event in a commercially viable manner for year 2020.

Why not check out the all new after dark event – Sea World Spooky Nights.

Fright Nights may not be on for this year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t read about it and plan for next year.

What are Fright Nights Movie World?

The annual Halloween event at Movie World on the Gold Coast, Fright Nights, run on Friday and Saturday nights until Halloween. Fright Nights Movie World were open on Friday and Saturday nights during selected end of September or October months, from 6pm to 10pm. Fright Nights are the perfect nights to explore terrifying new mazes, brave the blood-curdling precincts and take on your favourite rides after dark at Movie World. Take on five thrilling mazes, seven after hour rides, four scary precincts and four panic room escapes during this annual Friday and Saturday night events.

Fright Nights Mazes

In 2019, there were five thrilling mazes to experience at Fright Night Movie World:

Maze #1: Leatherface Maze

Leatherface Maze is based on the iconic character Leatherface from the films “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. From the beginning to the end of the maze, you can be assured of relentless scares, loud and smokey at various times.

Maze #2: House of Kain Maze

House of Kain maze is an exclusive maze to Warner Brother’s Movie World Fright Nights. This maze features hyper gore attraction and special effects, not for the faint-hearted and with six terrifying rooms to explore. Expect to see tortured souls entrapped within the halls and rooms, and demonic overlord lurking somewhere within.

Maze #3: IT Horror Maze

One of the most successful horror franchises of all time comes to terrifying life at Warner Bros. Movie World. Follow in the footsteps of The Losers Club as they battle to survive a campaign of terror by the shape shifting Pennywise. Be immersed in some of the most iconic and frightening locations from the films as you set foot in the town of Derry.

Be immersed in 17 of the most iconic and frightening scenes from the IT universe, including the Library Scene, Projector Scene and the Well House. This maze contains graphic content which may be disturbing and confronting to guests.

Maze #4: Zombieland: Double Tap Maze

Welcome to the United States of Zombieland: Double Tap! The only way to make it out of this maze alive is to learn the survival rules and follow them. Embark on the horrific journey of Columbus and Tallahassee as they continue to carve out an existence in the post-apocalyptic world of Zombieland. Remember Rule #17 Don’t be a Hero, and you may just make it out alive.

If you dare enter, you’ll experience 10 themed rooms that reference scenes from Zombieland Double Tap

Maze #5: Doll Haus Maze

Obsessed with making life like dolls, Herman Schuster’s creations were highly sought after all over the world. Never satisfied with his work, Schuster began experimenting with different materials to reach perfection and when people in the local village began disappearing, all eyes turned to him.

Walk through 10 terrifying scenes unravelling the horrific crimes of a psychotic doll maker, the deeper you delve the more disturbing it gets. Will you be his next victim?


Seven rides were open during Fright Nights Movie World in 2019:

  • DC Rival Hypercoaster;
  • Doomsday Destroyer;
  • Green Lantern Coaster;
  • Batwing Spaceshot;
  • Superman Escape;
  • Arkham Asylum Coaster;
  • Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation.


Head to the following precincts to experience some scary characters all around:

  • Hell Born precinct;
  • Nightmares precinct;
  • Baby Face Killers precinct;
  • Dead West precinct.

Panic Rooms

Panic Rooms experiences are exclusive additional paid experiences that you can engage and challenge up to 4 to 6 players whereby you have to escape within 20 minutes. Look for hidden clues and solve puzzles. Fright Nights Movie World panic rooms include:

  • Dark Room Panic Room;
  • Fallout Shelter Panic Room;
  • Quarantine Panic Room;
  • Satan’s Coven Room.

Fright Nights Movie World is fun for a group of friends or the whole family. Don’t miss out this fantastic event for next year. Tickets start from $49 per person, Movie World entry pass is not included.

Fright Nights Movie World may have been cancelled for year 2020 but you can still plan for a getaway to the Gold Coast. Plan your trip and choose your favourite Gold Coast holiday apartments to stay in. All Holiday Holiday Gold Coast holiday rentals options are located within 20 minutes to Movie World by car or public transport.