Indulge in the freshest seafood on the Gold Coast experience this festive season with Holiday Holiday! Join the queue at Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-op, situated at 168 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, for a tantalizing selection of raw or cooked delights, including eastern king prawns, spanner crabs, balmain bugs, sand crabs, fresh squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and pinky fish.

King Prawns Highlight:

For aficionados of king prawns, the prime catch is during the winter months, with trawlers on break from September 20th to November 1st annually.

Direct from the Source:

Traditionally, trawlers sold their catch to seafood providers, but the Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-Operative revolutionized this by offering their catch directly to the public, ensuring the best prices.

Fresh Daily Harvest:

Boats depart late in the evening, trawl overnight, and return in the morning laden with the freshest Gold Coast seafood, available for direct purchase. It’s a unique opportunity to buy from the very locals who made the catch just hours earlier!

Trawler Return Schedule:

Stay informed about trawler return times by checking the co-op’s website website, as the in-demand seafood sells out quickly. Early arrivals are recommended to secure your share of the freshest catches.

Convenient Location:

For an unparalleled seafood experience, visit 168 Main Beach Drive. Follow signs indicating the day’s catch on the pontoon, join the line, and ensure you have cash on hand for your preferred seafood selection.

Co-op’s Assurance:

As the co-op aptly puts it, “Straight from the sea, to the boat, to you – the only way you could get fresher seafood is if you caught it yourself (and have you ever tried to catch a prawn?)”

Proximity to Accommodations:

Holiday Holiday ensures a seamless experience, with Gold Coast accommodation just 5 – 10 minutes away from Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-op. Ask our welcoming check-in lounge team members for directions during your stay.