Sometimes the joy of travelling on the Gold Coast comes when you embrace exciting adventure that happen during your holiday while you didn’t planned for it. Here are the best ways to immerse yourself in your Gold Coast holiday.

Get lost – getting lost forces you to speak with the local people and pick up on details that you may not notice otherwise. 

Disconnect from the electronic devices – choose one day during your travel when you do not check email, social networking, and you can immerse yourself in the foods and sights of your surroundings.

Spend time on your own – when alone, you get a in-depth sense of your surrounding environment and interact with people you don’t know. It will give you the lay of the land for solo exploring. 

Of course, before your travel, you would like to plan for your Gold Coast accommodation first as it may be fully booked during your travel. And sometime, you can get a last minute special offer. For Surfers Paradise accommodation, go on Holiday Holiday website and it houses an array of apartments for you to choose.