The annual Halloween event at Movie World on the Gold Coast, Fright Nights, runs on Friday and Saturday nights until Halloween, is here again. Fright Night Movie World are open on Friday and Saturday nights from 29 September to 28 October 2018, from 6pm to 10pm.

What are Fright Night Movie World?

Fright Nights are the perfect nights to explore terrifying new mazes, brave the blood-curdling precincts and take on your favourite rides after dark at Movie World.

Fright Nights Mazes

There are four thrilling mazes to experience at Fright Night Movie World:

Leatherface Maze:

Leatherface Maze is based on the iconic character Leatherface from the films “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. From the beginning to the end of the maze, you can be assured of relentless scares, loud and smokey at various times.

House of Kain Maze:

House of Kain maze is an exclusive maze to Warner Brother’s Movie World Fright Nights. This maze features hyper gore attraction and special effects, not for the faint-hearted and with six terrifying rooms to explore. Expect to see tortured souls entrapped within the halls and rooms, and demonic overlord lurking somewhere within.

Jigsaw Maze:

Jigsaw maze features scenes from the popular horror films, and is the latest iteration of the SAW franchise brought to life. This maze is back by popular demand for its final year. The game is simple, to escape the maze, you must play by the rules.

The premise is a mysterious madman has rounded up his group of victims twisted games of life or death. Step inside and come face to face with Jigsaw’s infamous tests that push people to their physical and psychological limits.

Halloween Maze:

Halloween Maze is based on the most popular movie killer of all time, Michael Myers. You can exepct a non-stop barrage of scares from Michael Myers. Halloween Maze is appearing for the final year this year at Fright Nights and you will experience iconic scenes and props from the film.


Six rides will be open during Fright Nights Movie World:

  • DC Rival Hypercoaster;
  • Doomsday Destroyer;
  • Green Lantern Coaster;
  • Batwing Spaceshot;
  • Superman Escape;
  • Arkham Asylum Coaster.


Head to the following precincts to experience some scary characters all around:

  • Bloodwood precinct;
  • Sci-fear precinct;
  • The possessed precinct;
  • Last but not least, the safe zone – non scare precinct.

Panic Rooms

Panic Rooms experiences are exclusive additional paid experiences that you can engage and challenge up to 4 to 6 players whereby you have to escape within 20 minutes. Fright Nights Movie World panic rooms include:

  • Dark Room Panic Room;
  • Junkyard Dog Panic Room;
  • Quarantine Panic Room;
  • The Crypt Panic Room.

Fright Night Movie World is fun for a group of friends or the whole family. Don’t miss out this fantastic event. Plan your trip and choose your favourite Gold Coast holiday apartments to stay in. All Holiday Holiday Gold Coast holiday rentals options are located within 20 minutes to Movie World by car or public transport.