When holiday makers consider staying in Chevron Renaissance resort or the Towers of Chevron Renaissance, we often get asked what are the differences of the three towers in the Chevron Renaissance Resort – Skyline Tower (Tower 1), Skyline North Tower (Tower 2) & Skyline Central Tower (Tower 3). Here is some information about each tower so that visitors can pick the accommodation that best suits them.

Chevron Renaissance Resort – Skyline Tower

Chevron Renaissance Resort – Skyline Tower or Tower 1 is located directly above Infinity and the Holiday Holiday guest lounge. This building was completed approximately 2003. You can also access Skyline Tower from Ferny Avenue.

Floors and lifts

Tower 1 has 39 floors and there are 4 high speed lifts servicing all residents in this building. When you are heading to the ground floor, make sure you go to level 1 in the Skyline Tower, which is the equivalent of the ground floor. The basement level in this building houses owner storage units and the on-site management’s housekeeping facility.

Residents Lounge

On the ground floor of Tower 1, there is a residents lounge. You can hire the residents lounge and find out more information on hire fee from on-site main reception. The residents lounge is usually booked out for body corporate meetings and other functions. Hiring of the residents lounge is subject to availability.

In the Chevron Renaissance Resort – Skyline Tower lobby, there is a comfortable lobby for guests and owners to enjoy, overlooking the roundabout in the driveway.

Tower 1 is extremely popular with long term residents and owner occupiers in the complex as it is normally the most private tower. It is also the closest to the beach and enjoys amazing ocean views from units facing easterly into the ocean.

In-house Private Cinema

Tower 1 also houses the in-house cinema room on level 2. The theatrette can accommodate 18 persons and it is padded to give the optimum sound effect while a movie is playing. Hire a DVD from Video Ezy kiosk at the Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre downstairs or catch something on FreeTV or cable TV. The movies are projected onto a large projection TV and recline in the cinema lounges and enjoy your movies. The private cinema room is for hire and is also available subject to availability.

Outdoor Lap Pool

Out on level 2, you can walk directly to the outdoor lap pool. The lap pool area also has a barbeque for residents use. Take a stroll around the grassed area on level 2 or a picnic would be lovely in this quiet area.

Other Facilities

To access the Beaches in the Sky and indoor swimming pool, take one of the high speed lifts to level 5. This area also houses the other Chevron Renaissance resort facilities such as the spas, saunas, rock spas, garden area, main barbeque areas, and lounges.

To head to the other towers, you can walk across the level 5 garden and pool areas. All towers join on this floor.

Shopping Centre Access

To head to Coles supermarket or the shopping centre downstairs, take the lift to the ground floor and follow the sign out to the supermarket. Alternatively, you can take the lift to level 5 and walk across the garden and pools area towards Tower 2 and take the lift to the ground floor to come out at Coles.

(Note: The details of Skyline North tower and Skyline Central tower will be described in the next insider stories)

All Holiday Holiday guest booking in the Chevron Renaissance building receive a complimentary car parking space during their stay.