We have introduced Skyline Tower and Skyline North tower of Chevron Renaissance resort or Towers of Chevron Renaissance buildings in previous Holiday Insider stories. For this Holiday insider, we will find out more about the Chevron Renaissance Resort Skyline Central Tower.

Chevron Renaissance Resort Skyline Central

Towers of Chevron Skyline Central or Tower 3 is most popular with guests who enjoy the feeling of walking into a luxuriously expansive hotel lobby.

Skyline Central is the newest of all three towers and was completed in approximately 2005. You only have to take the lifts directly upstairs to access your room. It is very easy to navigate in Tower 3 as you do not have to walk across to the other towers to access your apartment.

How many floors

Chevron Renaissance Resort Skyline Central Tower 3 is 39 floors. The top two levels have recently been fully renovated to include a penthouse. The Chevron Renaissance Resort Skyline Central penthouse recently broke sales record by being sold for $9.5 million.

How many lifts

There are 4 high speed lifts servicing Tower 3 and one lift that goes only to the ground floor and carpark of Tower 3. To use the lifts, you must have a valid access fob that will give you access to the floor where you are staying on, the car park floors on levels 2, 3, and 4 or the facilities floor on level 5.

Skyline Central Main Reception

The onsite management’s main reception is located on the ground floor of Tower 3. Opposite the reception lobby is the Chevron Renaissance Security office.

Chevron Renaissance is patrolled 24 hours a day by body corporate security. On the ground floor of Tower 3, you can also find information on and book tours in and around the Gold Coast.

To access the Beaches in the Sky, indoor pool and garden area, head to level 5 of Tower 3. If you wish to head to the supermarket from level 5, you can either walk to Towers 1 or 2 and take the lift to the ground floor.

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